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Divorce, Financial & Children's Arrangements


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Going through a separation is hard.

It is difficult to know what are the best arrangements for your children, or how to sort out and separate your financial affairs.

The area of family law and the legal system can be confusing and confronting. Every person’s experience in this area is unique. What is appropriate in one family law matter may be quite different to what is appropriate in another.

At Davison Family Lawyers we will give you, professional, clear and honest legal advice about your case. We will help you obtain information you need to consider, on an informed basis, your options whether it be in relation to your children or finances.

Davison Family Lawyers will explore and discuss with you options to negotiate a settlement with your partner. If you want us to, we will undertake those negotiations on your behalf.

If appropriate, we will issue Court proceedings on your behalf. We do not litigate unless necessary. We encourage settlements outside of court, though we have the experience and ability to take the matter to Court and represent you in what can be protracted and difficult litigation. With Davison Family Lawyers you can expect and will experience professional, honest and effective advice and representation in all aspects of family law.